Answers to a Few of Your Questions

Hi Friends!

Thank you all so much for your emails comments & questions! We appreciate your purchasing our products & hope to be much more prompt with our responses! Busy is the word.

We are right in the midst of outdoor harvest & some greenhouse harvest too. God’s Gift is astounding us with GIANT buds!

Holy Moses!
Holy Moses!
GIANT Buddy Boy Bud!
GIANT Buddy Boy Bud!

Black Berry Kush has been amazing too! Black Berry Kush 2015 outdoor

Black Berry Kush 2015

So far it’s all wonderful!


***It has been brought to our attention that the glass tubes containing our Doobies can break! YES THEY CAN!!! The tubes are glass, with airtight tops. PLEASE BE CAREFUL to handle them gently with that in mind.

***We have received many requests for work. Please send employment requests to Right now we’re filled-up but keep checking.

***Even though we grow using organic methods our buds can make white ash sometimes. I believe the idea that chemical weed produces white ash must be a myth. Ask the grower if you have a question about growing methods. I happen to like my personal stash pretty dry, it seems to burn better & make white ash. When it’s softer & moisture is a bit higher it sometimes LEAVES A DARK NUGG in the bowl. Could be the white ash is mostly a moisture issue. White ash seems to be a natural part of combustion, should you smoke the bowl to the very end.

***Grower Processors cannot sell Cannabis to individuals legally. We are happy to work with our customers & their favorite stores to supply whatever is needed. Give us a call & we’ll see if we can help with your specific requests.

*** Buddy Boy Farm is located 22 miles West of Spokane, on the Spokane River. We’re on the Sunny Side!

*** To purchase our line Please call: (509) 796-3601