Wonderful MJ is not a MYTH it’s an AWAKENING

Greetings Good Friends! We have had quite a week since the article in Marijuana Ventures Magazine came out. We are not the only growers to have discovered the wonders of this amazing plant! There are more 40+’s out there! Here at Buddy Boy we applaud any grower who can achieve these heights! I want to thank all of you who have read Steve’s article & understand the shortcomings of the LCB regulations regarding testing. We are required to test 1 bud from every 5 pounds of dry cannabis & to publish this result on our packages. This does not show the THC in EVERY bud in the lot but shows the potential within the 5lb lot. It will be much better when the LCB discovers that an average, a range of the THC in a strain, or a growers overall average would better inform the consumer as to the potential THC in a retail package. We are certain that every bud in the 41.7% lot will not test that high, some may be higher some lower. Our intentions have always been to supply the best cannabis we can grow at best price we can provide. You are our success! We value all of your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Please don’t let uninformed or self-proclaimed experts fool you…WE STILL DO NOT KNOW THE REAL POTENTIAL OF THIS PLANT. At Buddy Boy we’ll keep it real and we’ll continue to deliver the BEST BUD we can to you! THANKS again for enjoying our products!