Welcome to our new site!

Welcome To Buddy Boy’s!  Thanks for checkin’ in.

First Let me say we’re sorry we haven’t been able to answer your contact messages . We launched our website and are having some difficulties with it. We working to get it fixed! Please call our office at 1 509 796 3601 or email buddyboyfarm@yahoo.com and we’ll answer, I promise.  Really sorry about this website lots of problems.

In the meantime…

Buddy Boy Farm will be hosting a little BBQ in Appreciation of Our Loyal Happy Customers today March, 21th 2015  at the Valley Cinder  1421 N Mullan Rd, Spokane Valley. 11:00 AM till 1:00PM. Come and see us!

We will be welcoming tours of the grow later in the year when the outdoor is all in. The weather looks promising right now so it might be as perfect as last year!  Our tours should amaze!